Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Announcement of Opportunity

LBTO is capable of providing exquisite AO performances, which are currently used in the L and M bands with LMIRCam on LBTI. However, the current delays in the fabrication and commissioning of the diffraction limited capabilities of the LUCI2 instrument will result in the absence of near-IR (J-H-K) imaging capabilities before the middle of 2014A semester at the earliest. 

LBTO is therefore contemplating installation once more of PISCES, a near-IR camera designed and built under the leadership of Don McCarthy of Steward Observatory. PISCES has been used on LBT in 2011 for a very successful run which demonstrated the high quality of the LBT adaptive optics (see documents and publications below). 

If there is sufficient scientific interest expressed by the LBTO partnership, PISCES will be installed for a run one to two weeks long, depending on the total amount of time allocated to proposals by the partners, likely scheduled toward the end of September. Proposals will be handled by each partner and the selected ones will be collected by LBTO which will then organize the preparation of run with the PI team. Practical details for the observations themselves will be defined once the accepted proposals will be known. 

In order to enable relatively large programs with high scientific impact, PIs are encouraged to submit joint proposals with PIs from other partners.


Documents on LBT AO and PISCES


PISCES-LBT publications from the 2011 run

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